CRM is affordable!

CRM is affordable!

CRM systems can sometimes be the most confusing part of starting a business. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and provides organisations a way to manage their client’s expectations and needs. Have you ever forgotten to invoice a client? Have you ever forgotten to contact that lead? Need a place to manage your tenders? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then CRM is for you.

Having gone through a huge period of growth in the past 24 months, BitSol Systems are in an ideal position to give the advice surrounding CRM needs. Unfortunately, the last thing a start-up or SME needs is huge upfront costs for their empty CRM product. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great tool and is currently one of the market leaders, however it comes at a premium of £5 extra on top of your Office 365 package per month. Oh, and you need to purchase a minimum of 5.

Whilst Dynamics gives you every option under the sun, there are some great alternatives and have a guess what? THEY’RE FREE!

We’ve been rolling out our favourite product to our customers called Zurmo CRM. This is a self-hosted platform available to anybody with a computer or server that isn’t in use anymore. This product has some fantastic features to help your business grow. It even has a rewards based scheme in order to raise morale within your team in the form of coins, badges and levels to raise up. This is a great way to monitor and reward the individuals working hard for you. In IT we call this Gamification.

If you or anybody you know wants any information about free CRM systems or the technology behind these products, then please get in touch.

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