BitSol Goes Viral With Greg Buchanan

BitSol Goes Viral With Greg Buchanan

Today marked a very strange day at the BitSol Offices after IT Boss and Technical Director Greg Buchanan made an appearance on ITV’s This Morning. Greg was promoting our years old company benefit of providing paid leave to staff when they introduce pets to the home. The reasoning behind this was to encourage staff to become part of our business family, to increase morale and most importantly increase productivity.

At first the story started with a couple of tweets from a couple of sources, then there were some salty words from the Express.

Then came LADbible. One mention of Greg Buchanan at BitSol and all hell was let loose. In a good way though. Thanks to the guys from LADbible we’ve managed to spark a debate among the population. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing?

I think we all know where we stand. We’re for it!



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