Success in the Valley

Success in the Valley

Valley Hotel in Anglesey is a privately-owned hotel and restaurant located in North Wales. As they expanded, they found their existing video surveillance system and public wifi solution was costly and inconvenient when adding new locations. Valley Anglesey wanted a video surveillance system that could support their growing business, scaling easily and affordably as they added new locations.

They chose the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera System from Bitsol Telecom as their new video surveillance solution due to its centralized management. With Eagle Eye Networks, they are able to view all of their cameras using one account. They can also add new cameras or locations with ease. In addition, the Valley Anglesey’s management team can remotely view their cameras from their mobile devices to ensure that operations are running smoothly even when they’re not on location. All data is stored in the cloud meaning should the worst happen, they will still have access to their full surveillance.

In addition to the CCTV, BitSol installed and provided an internet service which outstrips the services normally available to a remote location. Valley are not able to provide secure and reliable internet services to guests. BitSol implemented a great solution using Facebook wifi to enable the customer to manage users safely and ensure the wifi terms and conditions are adhered to. As a result of using Facebook wifi, their social media engagement has increased by over 70%.

Should you want to talk to BitSol about your WiFi, broadband, IT, phones or CCTV we would be happy to help. You can call on 0161 711 1880 or email us at sales@bitsol.co.uk


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