Eagle Eye Networks & Brivo Cloud Security Solution

Two Cloud-Based Systems, Double the Benefits

Eagle Eye Networks has partnered with Brivo to create a tightly integrated solution, giving customers a true cloud integration of video surveillance and access control. This lets administrators access the combined functionality of both systems with a convenient single sign-on configuration.

  • Fully cloud-based (no onsite computers required)
  • No maintenance required
  • Pay as you go
  • One-click view of enter/exit video
  • One-click view of door tamper event video
  • View live video
  • See events overlayed on video

Integrated in the Cloud

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is integrated with the Brivo OnAir Access Control System in the cloud – no onsite work required. Eagle Eye and Brivo securely maintain the integration at all times.

Correlate Video with Access Control Events

  • Video and Event Correlation – Administrators can add references to their Eagle Eye cameras via the Brivo OnAir interface, so video can be correlated with events and activities from their access control system.
  • Associate Security Cameras with Doors and Sensors – Administrators can associate cameras with doors or other sensors linked to their Brivo OnAir account. This cross-referencing allows time-stamped events to access specific video clips from within Eagle Eye’s system.